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We're very happy to introduce three new Perthshire artists and creatives who have recently joined Perthshire Artisans. Enjoy browsing through their work and their profile pages.

As a fine artist with a developing interest in printmaking techniques, Olivia creates distinctive yet delicate work inspired by the micro and macro which catch her eye within the geometry, pattern, landscape and fauna of our natural environment and dark skies. Working from her home studio in Blairgowrie which overlooks the garden and a small woodland, Olivia is constantly inspired throughout the seasons, working to commission and creating her original artworks, some of which are reproduced as prints and cards. Read more about Olivia's process and find her artwork here.

Theresa’s creative practice incorporates several genres, describing herself as a knitter, photographer, poet, writer and artist.  A theme underpinning all her work is her intrigue and interest in working with found materials, whether it is a discarded vintage 35mm photographic slide, an old cassette tape, sheep’s wool caught in a hedgerow or script transformed into erasure poetry by removing words from a pre-existing text. Her handcrafted and sustainable knitted works are like tactile photographs of the landscape, containing physical reminders of their natural origins. Theresa shares her work under both Unsure Sheep for her fibre-based works and The Ghost Curator for her photography and text-based work. Read more about Theresa's creative practice here.

As a landscape painter based in Highland Perthshire, Cathy combines her love of being immersed in the outdoors with her fascination of how atmospheric changes of light and weather impact her view of the scenery. She uses her work to express and share the awe, serenity and freedom she enjoys in the outdoors. Central to her work is the idea of transience and a journey towards light, she hopes that her paintings lift your spirits and inspire a desire to protect our local landscape. All Cathy’s work begins outside and she’s always ready to capture a moment and the essence of an impression of a place. Find out more about Cathy's practice and artwork here.

Micah Stanbridge

As a conservation and adventure photographer Micah is driven by his life long respect and deep connection with nature.  Through his fine art style photography he aims to inspire viewers to cherish and conserve our natural world. Micah's work reveals the purity of nature and through his lens he encapsulates an ethereal quality which induces a deep-rooted appreciation of the natural living world and pervading sense of calm. Much of Micah’s time is spent chasing the light to capture his perspective of the natural world, and when heading out on his photographic ventures into remote reaches of the Scottish Highlands, is often accompanied by his faithful dog Nala. More info about Micah's practice and his work will be available on the website very soon.

If you know a Perthshire based creative who may be interested to find out more about what's involved with being a Perthshire Artisan, this page has all the information you need, and please be in touch if you want to arrange a chat.

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