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Meet Our Newest Artisans!

It's time to meet our new Artisans!

We are thrilled that 10 amazing new creatives have joined our platform, and we are now ready for you to meet them, learn about their creative practice and browse their products. This addition significantly expands not only the amount of products now available on our site, but the range too.

Please welcome the following lovely ladies to Perthshire Artisans:

Andrea Gardiner

Andrea is a designer and maker of bespoke jewellery whose work is inspired by her mixed Scottish & Mexican heritage. Her designs encapsulate these two different cultures through combining assorted materials such as sterling silver, copper, brass, leather and clay.

Colour is important to Andrea, and her use of polymer clay combined with silver, enable her to realise imaginative ideas representing the vibrancy of her family hometown of San Miguel de Allende as well as the movement of the traditional costume of the Folklorico dancers.

Annie McLean

Annie is an artist who has developed an eclectic style of working that is not held back by constraints of singularity. Her creative practice is known as Ainetheon Arts and is based in her newly opened High Street Studio in the rural Perthshire town of Coupar Angus.

With a philosophical approach to painting, Annie teases out the emotion of the moment she’s capturing on canvas using various approaches, such as the the subtle positioning of the subject matter or adding something that Annie hopes creates a similar response in the viewer.

Diana Law

Diana is a contemporary jeweller whose pieces are the epitome of everyday elegance. Creating collections using silver and cast resin, her designs are both extremely wearable and affordable. Simplicity is key to Diana, and her work features beautiful fluid, clean lines and uncomplicated characteristics, expressing her strong sense of ‘less is more’, all lending themselves wonderfully to the design of her jewellery collections.

Sources of inspiration often come from the natural world, from the flora and fauna found in her garden surrounding her workshop, the freedom of movement and flight of birds, to the visual textures of the sea, waves and clouds.

Gill Houlsby

Gill is an ‘all-weather’ visual artist exploring relationships between people and place, humans and nature. Her commitment and passion to explore environmental and social issues strongly motivates the themes depicted in her work. She is also a qualified art therapist, which brings a different perspective to her creative practice as a professional artist. Her work is simply and unapologetically understated, stark and real.

Gill considers her art as a slow but persistent series of social actions, encouraging curiosity and reflection. An antidote to unrealistic hype and over sensationalism, it captures what is around us that is already there, but perhaps sometimes overlooked.

Gillian Hunt

Gillian is a photographic artist with a passion for capturing the ‘macro’ beauty found when focussing her camera lens on the ‘micro’ detail of flowers, grasses and bumblebees.

Flora and fauna has enthralled Gillian from a very young age when she spent many happy hours communing with and discovering nature. Now, through her artwork, Gillian is able to both indulge and share her passion for the natural world by photographing the essence and beauty of flowers and capturing the intricacies of the bumblebee’s amazing daily life as they flit from flower to flower.

Jenny Charles

As a ceramicist, Jenny loves the earthy feeling of working the clay in her hands and predominantly works with rolled slabs to create her pieces. She is equally happy throwing on the wheel for a fast and immediate result or working in a slower and contemplative way when coiling damp clay.

Jenny’s pieces purposefully convey a simple and authentic design, always original and often with a nod to the past. Her joyful work is both tactile and desirable, and will delight any ceramic lover, whilst providing a useful functional purpose.

Katy Galbraith

As an artist Katy uses the medium of mosaic to express her creativity. Her sustainable practice is both inspired by and incorporates any number of recycled and salvaged materials, including china and glass. Katy is frequently inspired by her surrounding landscape, aspects of which are often reflected in her designs, including the much loved abundant flora which feature in many finished pieces.

Every new creation is an eclectic mix of colours and textures, often with a rustic vibe, and each with its own story to share. Katy’s mosaic artworks can be both decorative or functional, but whatever their use, they are all created through her passion to encompass her strong eco/zero waste ethics within her practice.

Rachel Hendry

Rachel handcrafts floral-infused natural aromatherapy soy candles, wax melts and collaborative body care products in small batches—under her Comrie-based company name, Scents of the Wild. Her one aim is to help people harness the therapeutic benefits of pure high quality essential oils and bringing them closer to the restorative power of nature.

Rachel draws on her knowledge as a student of professional aromatherapy and her passion for the natural world for inspiration. She sources many of the colourful botanicals from her own garden and the local surrounding wild landscape in Glen Lednock to create her 100% natural range of products.

Roberta Pederzoli

Roberta is an award winning jewellery designer working predominantly with silver using the ancient wax carving and casting techniques. Being born and raised in Italy, Roberta creates inimitable pieces uniting inspiration from the Scottish landscape with exquisite Italian style. Her aim with every piece she creates is to bring out the special essence within…

The texture and tactile form of Roberta’s jewellery recreates an enchanted fairy-tale elegance. Roberta is inspired by the detailed beauty of the stones, cracks, wood, leaves and lichens, spotted on her woodland walks, and are depicted in the natural and organic shapes of her designs.

Suzie Eggins

Suzie is an Edinburgh-born visual artist who works across different mediums, currently creating prints and jewellery inspired by an original body of work connected to the environment. She continues to explore and develop her creative practice from her home studio in Perth.

The natural world and the detail she observes in her environment are central to Suzie’s work. Her relationship with nature fuels her heightened sense of how we fit into a larger network of Nature. She finds an enduring delight in the knowledge and mystery of the living world, providing an essential source of truth, hope and inspiration for Suzie, which she expresses through her work.

Get to know all our Artisans here.

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