Trust Your Eye - An Illustrated History of Painting
  • Trust Your Eye - An Illustrated History of Painting

    A Book on Classical Art explaining how Great Art was made. Filled with forty-one full colour plates of the world’s best paintings from the National Gallery in London, and two famous sculptures from The Royal Academy in London and The Accademia Gallery in Florence, this book practically illustrates what we should expect from Great Art. 


    • Limited edition of 250  

    • Exclusive to Perthshire Artisans

    • Full Colour

    • Size 30.5 cm h x 21.5 cm w x 1.5 cm d

    • Artisan Process

      In his book, Charles draws on his extensive knowledge and experience as a classically trained painter to share the secrets behind the creation of the forty-one full colour featured artworks.

      As a leading authority on the art of Classical Painting, this book both details how each artwork was created and reveals the lost skills and secrets employed by the great artists, from Giotto in Italy to the Impressionists in France.

      The book will be of interest to both those with or with no art knowledge and includes historical script which places each artwork within it’s own historical context.

      Charles’ book is highly acclaimed by arts academics from across the world and is held in the libraries of renowned Arts venues including The Royal Academy of Arts, The National Gallery, V&A and Tate Gallery Museums in London and the Uffizi National Gallery in Florence, Italy.

      This beautiful book is both a fantastic reference point for anyone interested in Classical Painting, as well as delightful coffee table book.

      Click here for Charles' full profile.


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