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Meet Our Artisans — Part 1

This January, Perthshire Artisans is doubling the number of our Artisans listed on our site — from nine to eighteen. We want to introduce you to those new Artisans, but we also want to make sure you're familiar with our initial group too. So in this two-part blog series, we’re going to tell you a little bit about them all, from where they work, to what inspires them, to what they create. In part 1 we are reminding you about our first group of Artisans:

Andrew Hunter: Andrew is a painter based in Enochdhu. Andrew is endlessly inspired by Scotland’s landscapes. The way light rays change, divert and interact with clouds, trees and mountains, gives him the motivation to paint.

Anna Malyon: Anna is an artist and printmaker working from her home-based studio in Crieff. Anna’s style is inspired by the bold and interesting prints of mid-century Scandinavian textiles. Her work is her interpretation of that era applied to Scotland’s flora, fauna and natural scenes.

Charles Harris: Charles is a classically trained painter producing Scottish landscapes and portraits. His style is traditional and he paints from life: His beautiful landscape pieces are painted on location, and his portraits during a series of organised sittings with his posed subject.

Claire Brownbridge: Claire is an artist and printmaker, creating colourful and charismatic prints inspired by the countryside animals she encounters locally in Drum. Their quirky personalities and comedic interactions prompt her designs, which bring a welcome splash of joy and colour to the everyday.

Cornelia Weinmann: Cornelia is a textile designer and avid up-cycler creating colourful contemporary slow-fashion garments from her home studio in Kettins. She has fully embraced the circular economy and is committed to creating high-quality garments that last a lifetime and give a new lease of life to second-hand textiles.

Izzy Gretton: Izzy is a designer and up-cycler with a range of quirky woollen hats and natural jewellery made in her home studio in Aberfeldy. She was inspired to start creating her own headwear when she couldn’t find a suitable hat for hillwalking that would keep her warm and dry whilst being stylish.

Jon Bishop: Jon creates illustrations for picture books and also stand-alone illustrations available to purchase as digital prints. His work is hand-drawn and entirely imagined, he creates colourful, dreamlike scenes which appeal to the inner-child in all of us.

Kate McLaughlin: Kate creates simple yet striking contemporary jewellery with a minimal aesthetic, made by hand in her home-based studio. Her previous life as an architect is a major influence on her work, which typically features strong, clean lines surrounding a central space or void.

Nicola McCabe: Nicola creates modern ceramic homewares with a delicate and minimalist aesthetic from her home studio in Muthill. Her work is influenced by the landscape surrounding her, drawing on the mountains and the natural changing colours and light she witnesses throughout the year.

Check back tomorrow for an introduction to our nine new artisans!

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